A specialised ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, RIS MF Hi-Mod can investigate large areas, providing a 3D view of the subsoil with a high capability of resolution and penetration depth


The RIS MF Hi-Mod systems has been specifically designed for utility mapping with multi frequency array solution offering great location accuracy and penetration depth with high levels of productivity. The system is designed to deliver a complete solution from field acquisition to the final output of CAD or GIS.


  • Data Logger – Panasonic CF-19 (or alternatively any Windows PC with an Ethernet LAN interface
  • Radar Acquisition Unit – IDS DAD Fast Wave, with RIS K2 acquisition software
  • Max Number of Channels – Up to 8
  • Antenna Frequencies – 200 and 600MHz
  • Positioning – Metric wheel and/or GPS interface
  • Collection Speed – (up to 8 profiles simultaneously) 4 m/sec in full configuration (8 channels)
  • Battery Life – > 8 h
  • Weight – 58 kg in full configuration
  • Surface Footprint – 200 cm x 60cm (fullconfiguration)
  • Survey Path Width – Up to 8 radar scans, 52 cm each
  • Wireless Connection Environment – Available IP65