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We specialise in pipe rehabilitation and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and supplies. We know that there are a lot of options per job and project, which is why we are here to help you. We can work with you when it comes to deciding which system to use and support you with set up and training as and when needed.

Pipe Rehabilitation and Cleaning Support

From Innovative pipe cleaning, repair, and brush coating systems, to No-Dig Pipe Repair and Access Point ranges. We work with top brands such as Picote, Aquapea, Source One Environment and Vivax- Metrotech to provide trenchless technology that works. This equipment will help you locate, fix, clean, unblock and re-line pipes with differing sizes and materials. However, with the vast options available to might be a little overwhelming. Which is why our consultancy team are here. Get in touch and chat about what you need and we will let you know which tool is right for the job without having to tend hours on YouTube learning all about it.

PICOTE – Pipes for Life.

The Picote range offers a comprehensive range of tools and accessories. The Picote Miller systems are designed for fast and efficient drain and pipe cleaning. They cut through soft blockages, limescale and calcium build-up, with the ability to destroy tree roots and remove concrete deposits. If you have failed pipe liners and imperfections, this range of tools will enable you to work out a solution best for your project. However, if you need a little more guidance and support our team of experts are here to support you every step of the way.

S1E – Source One Environment.

The S1E Pipe Doctor No-Dig Pipe Repair and Access Point ranges offer repair without the need for excavation of the pipework - saving time, disruption, and cost. Not sure which product to go for? Get in touch and we’ll guide you towards the right product for the job.


The AQUAPEA® is an innovative product for repairing leaks in domestic and commercial pipes without the need for leak detection and excavation.


Vivax-Metrotech develops and manufactures high end camera systems for the inspection or pipes and ducting. With its accessory range it can enter most pipes to aid with blockage clearing and condition assessment and inspection. The data is fully recordable for use with report writing and client meetings. The Vivax camera range complements the Picote pipe cleaning and rehabilitation products.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Support.

We supply modern Ground Penetrating Radar systems to enable you to carry out a range of trenchless technology projects. However, if you are unsure which GPR System is right for the job we’re on hand to guide you in the right direction.

Our manufacturer, IDS GeoRadar, is one of the largest global providers of GPR products having developed a set of systems suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, spanning from subsoil deep object detection to utility mapping, road and railway assessments, structure investigations and much more.

We have worked with them for many years and know their systems inside and out, including the GPR Post Processing Software.


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