ManUp Key Drainage Set

Easy access to drains

Get easy access to drains, and lift stuck manholes and covers with minimal effort.

TheĀ  ManUp Key design offers the ability to insert tips in multiple orientations.

ManUp Key Drainage Set DETAILS.

What’s included with the set:

  • ManUp Key Bar

  • 32mm Flat Tip

  • 22mm Flat Tip

  • 12mm J Hook Tip

  • Cleaning tip

ManUp Key Features & Benefits

  • Patented slide hammer
  • Helps you to avoid back injuries
  • The ManUp Key weights less 50% than other traditional raising tools
  • Avoids breaking manholes, saving you costs
  • Allows different handle heights
  • Functional design, universally usable
  • Get easy access to drains, valves, and utilities points.
  • Multi directional interchangeable tips
  • Nonslip soft grip handle rubber
  • Extra handles for easier lifting
  • Supplied with accessory case